Ecology & design

Wislane tarasy 2.0 is a unique combination of original architecture with original art form, which is an indispensable element of modern design. Wislane tarasy 2.0, with its shape, high quality finish and development plan, is reminiscent of the architecture of the world’s largest metropolises. The architectural form is distinguished by futuristic design with cascading terraces, extensive glazing, winter gardens and exclusive penthouses on the highest floors.

  • Green leisure zones

    Unconventional green leisure zones abound with illuminated aluminum structures and climbing plants.

  • Halotherapy with dry salt aerosol

    The investor also took care of the pro-health nature of the green zones through the use of halotherapy. of specially designed structures overgrown with the appropriate selected plants, a dry salt aerosol will be dispersed to create a specific therapeutic microclimate.

  • Stylish fountains in the shape of geysers and balls

  • Illuminated „steel trees” inspired by Singapore’s „Sky forest”.

  • Living vertical gardens, inside and outside of the buildings.

    Vertical gardens, that is the walls of living plants, are both decorative and ecological. they act as a natural air filter, absorb pollution from the environment, produce oxygen, and regulate the level of humidity, while simultaneously providing live thermal insulation.

  • Cascading terraces and penthouses with scenic view

  • Futuristic shape and unique design

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ul. Grzegórzecka 67F, 31-559 Kraków

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