The Wiślane Tarasy 2.0 project is an evolutionary approach to the same investment intention, with an emphasis on the use of modern architecture and a whole range of amenities for residents.


Wiślane Tarasy 2.0 is not just about flats, it is a pioneering way of thinking about flats and the development as a “self-sufficient” whole.


The unique space of Wiślane Tarasy 2.0 is:

  • The combination of a new development with a functioning housing estate with full associated infrastructure and a rich profile of services that will ultimately create a unique complex full of world-class amenities
  • A distinctive futuristic architectural form
  • Green leisure zones in line with the contemporary eco-trend
  • Combination of original design and art: stylish fountains in the shape of geysers and spheres. illuminated aluminium structures overgrown with climbing plants, living vertical gardens, modernist sculptures and “steel trees” inspired by the “Sky Forest” of Singapore
  • Spacious courtyards with unconventionally arranged greenery and small architecture and a modern playground


Building A - completed

Building B - completion date Q4 2023/Q1 2024

Building D - completed

Building W - completed

Surveillance and monitoring

Ground parking spaces



Green courtyards


Steel trees

Stylish fountains

Sales office "Wiślane Tarasy 2.0"

ul. Grzegórzecka 67F, 31-559 Kraków

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