Winter in the city. How to actively spend this time in the center of Krakow?

Low temperatures, rain and snow cause that during the winter we would gladly hide in the privacy of our home. Wintry Krakow however, has so much to offer that it would be a great loss! What’s more, you do not have to leave the city center to discover most of the attractions. Take a look at our suggestions for winter activities for residents and future residents of the Vistula Terraces, as well as for all Cracovians.

Christmas is over. What’s now?

No need to worry – the festive climate will remain in the city of Krak for a long time. Every year, until February, unique compositions of Christmas decorations can be seen between the streets of Karkow. The most interesting, of course, is the Main Market Square and surrounding streets. After the holidays you can also admire the famous Krakow’s szopkas, entered this year on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. We also recommend going on a trip to the historic churches and see the szopkas. Particularly noteworthy is the living one, which is located in the Franciscan monastery. Such a trip is certainly a great idea for spending the winter afternoon with whole family.


And not just anywhere, but in the heart of the city. Yes, Błonia in Krakow transforms into a huge ice rink in the winter. It’s a great opportunity to burn calories accumulated during the holidays! Of course, in Krakow there is a number of other ice rinks. The inhabitants of Wiślane Tarasy live close to the Cracovia ice rink – it is less than a 20-minute walk.

Visits to museums

Well, in Krakow you do this practically every week, and the list of museums will not end anyway… It’s worth starting with a walk along the Vistula Boulevards and wandering to the Wawel Royal Castle, where many interesting exhibitions await visitors. Noteworthy, at any time of the year, is also The underground square central museum of Krakow, which allows you to look at the oldest district of the city from a completely different perspective. Nearby the Museum of the Princes Czartoryski is located, where you can see, among others, the Lady with Ermine. A trip to the National Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK is always a good idea.

If you already know these places well, we suggest you visit some less-popular museums. It can be a recently opened museum of wax figures (Polonia Wax Museum) or the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology located opposite Wawel.


Walking along the snow-covered streets of Krakow is pure pleasure. However, it is not worth limiting yourself only to the area of the Old Town. Although it is definitely worth seeing and a good place to start your trip. We truly recommend you a walk along the Planty surrounding the market – it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Krakow is a city of many parks that are worth visiting in the winter. Particularly noteworthy is the Bednarski Park, the Jordan Park and the Polish Pilots Park.

Kazimierz, a recipe for a romantic evening or endless fun

Skating or walking are not the only way to warm up on a cold winter evening. It will be also a great idea to go to Kazimierz and enjoy a cup of mulled wine or hot tea. There are many charming cafes there! You can spend unforgettable romantic moments in them or meet in a slightly larger group. In Kazimierz, everyone will find something interesting, and all this is just 15 minutes on foot from the Wiślane Tarasy.

Krakow is a perfect place to live, relax and have fun – at any time of the year. The location of Vistula Terraces 2.0 causes that all the places described in this article are at your fingertips. We wish many positive impressions while discovering the wintry Krakow!