God entertainment at the city center – 3 places in Cracow You should visit

Krakow is the most recognizable Polish city in the world, for centuries enjoying the cultural capital of the country. The city of Krak offers its residents and guests visiting the entire range of events and cultural institutions, where you can spend time contemplating the art, listening to excellent music or admiring athletes. A large part of them is located in the very center, near the Market Square and the Vistula River. Where to go to see the biggest music, theater and sports spectacles?

The Variété Theater – a light repertoire on a cloudy afternoon

The Variété Theater is one of several dozen theater stages in Krakow, located in the close vicinity of the Vistula Terraces 2.0 estate. A dozen or so years ago, the idea of creating a musical theater, specializing in light repertoire, was created, however, it was necessary to implement it 12 years. After this time, in 2014, the Variété Theater was granted the status of a cultural institution.

The Variété Theater focuses on diversity, therefore it invites both world-famous musicians and young representatives of the local scene.

If you are looking for a place where you will feel better, visit the scene of the Variété Theater! By assumption, the events presented in this theater are light and pleasant, and their aim is to create a smile on the faces of the guests. Artists of the Variété Theater perform, among others performances under the license of the most popular musicals of the Brodway, such as “Chicago” or “Legal blonde”. On the boards of one of the youngest Krakow theaters there are also musical live performances. The theater focuses on diversity, which is why it invites both world-famous musicians and young representatives of the local scene.

The Krakow Opera – sophisticated entertainment for the discerning

The Krakow Opera is another institution on the cultural map of Krakow, which is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. It is an institution with over 50 years of tradition. It is located on Lubicz street, which is only 2 kilometers from Vistula Terrace 2.0. Although at the beginning of its activity its creators had difficulties because they did not have their own headquarters at their disposal, their enthusiasm and hard work meant that the Krakow Opera remained on the surface, and in 2008 settled permanently in a modern building near the Market Square in Krakow.

In 2008, the Krakow Opera settled permanently in a modern building near the Market Square in Krakow.

The repertoire of the Krakow Opera currently has almost 30 titles. These include operatic world classics (eg, “Carmen” by Georges Bizet), works by Polish composers, but often also ballet performances (including “Swan Lake”) and events for children. For a dozen or so years, the Krakow Opera has also been organizing the Summer Festival, exhibiting its performances in open air spaces and the historic interiors of Krakow’s most recognizable buildings.

Tauron Arena Krakow – the largest cultural and sports events in Poland

Tauron Arena Krakow is a multifunctional sports and entertainment hall, located on Czyżyny, on Stanisława Lema Street. Opened for use in 2014, it quickly became part of the cultural life of the residents of Krakow. It will fit more than 20,000 people! Numerous concerts, matches and conferences organized at the Tauron Arena attract not only residents of Krakow or Poland, but also foreign guests from around the world.

On the stage of Tauron Arena, the world’s biggest music stars are singing and the greatest athletes of our times are playing.

A visit to the Tauron Arena is always connected with strong experiences. On this stage, the greatest music stars of the world format sing and the greatest athletes of our time play. It’s enough to mention that the lucky ones who managed to buy tickets could see concerts of bands such as Aerosmith, Depeche Mode, Linkin Park or Scorpions. Tauron Arena Kraków also hosted major sporting events, such as the 2014 Men’s Volleyball World Championship and European Men’s Handball Championship 2016. In previous years, tickets for many events sold at an impressive pace, which is why it is worth keeping a finger on the pulse and regularly check the timeline of this institution.

Krakow is constantly changing, but one of its features will never change – this city remains the capital of broadly understood culture and entertainment. There is no shortage of places in our city where you can watch an excellent spectacle or listen to live music. Nevertheless, we are curious to look for new investments, such as the Music Center, which is being developed near the Vistula Terraces 2.0, which will enrich the cultural offer of Krakow with extraordinary events.