Krakow – culture at your fingertips. What events are worth participating in 2019?

The beginning of a new year is always a time of making plans. It is always worth finding a time to interact with culture – even in a very busy schedule. Life in Krakow creates a unique opportunity to participate in many interesting events – 2019 will be full of festivals, performances and concerts, highlighted by the presence of world-class stars. Below you will find a subjective list of the most important events of 2019.

Start the year with the ballet – The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker of Pyotr Tchaikovsky is undoubtedly one of the most popular ballets in the world. In January and February you will be able to admire it on the stage of the Krakow Opera. Exceptional music, talented dancers and beautiful scenography – sounds like a recipe from a fairy-tale-like evening, right?

Concerts of world-class stars

Since the Tauron Arena was established in Krakow, the city hosts outstanding artists every year, who attract millions of people from all over the world.

On 2 February, the Film Music Concert will take place there: Hans Zimmer Tribute Show. The tracks of this outstanding composer will be performed by the Polish Radio Orchestra, the Academic Choir of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Academic Choir of the University of Warsaw under the direction of Maciej Sztor. The solo parts will be sung by Anna Lasota, and the narrative will be led by Magda Miśka-Jackowska. The whole event will be enriched by fragments of films on the big screen.

This year, one of the most exceptional events will be the concert of the vocalist, pianist and composer Elton John, who this year sets off on a farewell concert tour. The musician is coming to Krakow on May 4, 2019. The concert will be a part of the three-year tour of Farewell Yellow Brick Road and probably the last opportunity to listen live to your favorite artist!

In June another well-known vocalist – Rod Stewart is coming to the polish capital of culture. The concert, which will take place at Tauron Arena on June 21, will be a part of the concert tour promoting the 30th studio album of the artist – Blood Red Roses.

Festivals, festivals, festivals…

From January 31 to February 17, the ICE Congress Center will be hosting the Opera Rara festival, where traditional operatic art will meet its experimental version. A complete program as well as a list of guests who will appear on it, you can find here-

From 15 to 23 February 2019, the Materia Prima festival is going to take place here. The International Festival of Theater Form is organized in the Groteska Theater. It is a real treat for all lovers of theatrical art and an opportunity to admire various forms of theater.

A festival, of which Krakow is very proud and which we simply have to mention, is Krakow Film Music Festival. Its 12th edition is taking place from 14 to 21 May at Tauron Arena. Alexandre Desplat, Craig Armstrong, Bruno Coulais, Antonio Sánchez, Don Davis, Krzysztof Zanussi, Antoni Komasa-Łarkarkiewicz, Bartosz Chajdecki and Marcin Masecki are just some of the guests who is going to be there.  More details –

In Krakow there is always something to do – exhibitions, performances, and movie shows

In Krakow, regardless of the date on the calendar, there always is a plenty of cultural attractions to explore. It is a city of many museums and, consequently, exhibitions In 2019 you will still be able to admire the already famous Wyspiański exhibition at the National Museum. Theater lovers can not complain either. We recommend the residents of Vistula Terraces check out the repertoire of the Variete theater, located a few minutes walk from their home. The beginning of the year is the time of the Oscars award ceremony, so it’s a period of many interesting cinema premieres. We recommend seeing them in one of the charming Krakow studio cinemas, for example in the Pod Baranami Cinema, located on the Market Square.


Krakow not without a reason is called the cultural capital of Poland. Anyone who is looking for artistic experiences will easily find them here. And Vistula Terraces 2.0, located in the very center of this magical city, allow you to reach the most important attractions in just a few minutes. We wish you nice moments and many intriguing experiences!