Eco design. Rules you need to know

Wiślane Tarasy 2.0 have been designed in harmony with the principles of ecological style. We are aware that their residents want to enjoy interiors arranged with love for nature. Below you will find tips that will help you arrange a flat in an eco-friendly style.

Above all – natural materials

The pursuit of harmony – this is the basic rule of eco design. Te key to achieve it is to concentrate on maximum use of the goods offered by nature. Ecological style, among other well-known styles, is the closest to the Scandinavian and rustic.

As you can easily guess, wood is the basic raw material that should be used when arranging the interior. It should of course be on the floor, maybe even on the walls. In ecological interiors, varnished wood will not work – we advise you to choose oiled ones. Wooden furniture is also a good choice. The most popular (and recommended) species of wood are wicker, rattan and bamboo, which is considered one of the most ecological raw materials.
However, it is impossible to arrange the entire apartment only with wood. Stone, brick and marble are also suitable for ecological interiors. You can also add some elements made of ceramics and glass.


In eco-friendly apartments white is the main color. It brightens the interior and visually enlarges it, so it is worth to ensure that it is not limited to the walls. Of course, in ecological apartments appear also colors of wood, brick, ceramics and stone. There is, obviously, a lot of green too. Shades of beige, gray and blue will also work well. You should use bright colors in moderation – preferably on accessories and decorations.
Do it yourself!

Ecological interiors are original and unique. How does it show? With handmade objects, of course. The creation of them is a manifestation of care about the environment – to form them you often use recycled materials or old furniture. There are plenty of ideas for using them – the only limit is your imagination! Lately, furniture from pallets, as well as from various braids (from flax, sea grass and even ordinary strings) are popular. To create the so-called forest in a jar, which is a miniature ecosystem enclosed in glass, is also a great solution. You can literally use everything – in ecological interiors, you can even find paper bags in the role of covers for flower pots.

Practical issues – energy efficiency

Care about the environment largely connects itself with Energy efficiency. You cannot forget about it, when you arrange your eco flat. That’s why it is worth equipping it with all modern devices that will enable this. For example, we will mention LED lamps and aerators that reduce the water usage.
You also cannot forget about the segregation of rubbish and the zero-waste philosophy that should accompany you during ecological life. Get to know its rules. It is also important to maximize the use of daylight.

By choosing a life in Wiślane Tarasy 2.0, you choose concern for the environment. Let ecology and harmony accompany you 24 hours a day, not only after crossing the threshold of the apartment. We believe that the tips will guarantee it. We wish you good luck and loads of satisfaction from the beautiful interior!