Vistula Terraces 2.0 is not a flat. These are people!

A self-sufficient housing estate combining ecology and design – Vistula Terraces 2.0 – has its sales office. Cracow office visitors are enthusiastic about the investment that the city deserves for a long time. It’s a world-class architecture – they say it’s consistent, stressing that it’s worth investing in such apartments.

The sales office in Vistula Terraces 2.0 was opened on Monday, January 15 at 67 Grzegórzecka St. F. Every day, until Friday, coffee, sweet treats and suprises awaited visitors. Anyone who decided to buy a flat these days, received a gift card for shopping in the Max-Fliz store. Customers could now take care of equipping the new four angles.

What attracts residents to Vistula Terraces 2.0?

Residents of Cracow and visitors visiting the sales office at Grzegórzecka did not hide their interest in the investment and the considerable hopes associated with it. Some of them appeared there with a view to a new apartment, some just wanted to learn as much as possible about the innovative housing estate. Vistula Terraces 2.0 represent a modern approach to the needs of residents, and the solutions used in them refer to those used abroad.

It is easy to notice that there are more and more modern investments in Cracow. The emphasis is on ecology and the real needs of residents dreaming about a place that is friendly to life. Wiślane Tarasy 2.0 is a milestone on this issue, worthy of European smart cities.

The estate is being erected in the immediate vicinity of the Vistula Terraces that are very popular. It will offer residents green relaxation zones with vertical gardens and modern fountains. Thanks to the use of halotherapy, they will have a pro-health character. The architecture of the buildings is characterized by cascading viewing terraces, glazed spaces, winter gardens and penthouses with a panoramic view of Cracow.

Vistula Terraces is not an apartment. They are people.

Vistula Terraces 2.0 are designed so that the estate will fit into the landscape of this part of the city. The great advantage is also that the estate will be fully self-sufficient. It is already partially there. The neighboring Vistula Terraces estate has a whole range of services, ranging from medical offices to beauty salons. The investments will eventually be combined, which will further enhance the attractiveness of this location. A recreation and sports complex with a swimming pool, gym and wellness area is planned for the newly built housing estate, as well as a commercial part with various shops, drugstores, a restaurant, a café and a pharmacy. Vistula Terraces 2.0 together with the neighboring complex of the same name will create a kind of city in a nutshell, where various services and amenities will complement each other, which will definitely determine the uniqueness of the whole undertaking.

The world-class solutions used in the housing estate are primarily to serve the comfort of residents – provide both comfort and eye-pleasing aesthetics. A lot of people to the newly opened sales office of Vistula Terrace 2.0 have attracted such planned facilities, such as a room for special events, a children’s club, a concierge service or a wine cellar.

Many who are interested in buying an apartment in Vistula Terrace 2.0 admit that they dream of living in a harmonious and well-functioning community. Some of them know people living in the Vistula Terraces and have heard a lot of good from them. The Vistula Terraces community is made up mostly of people who regularly see each other and spend time together. Many interested in apartments in the second stage attract the presence of family and friends there. There are also those who buy premises for children, as well as clients for whom a flat in a proven investment is a good investment.

In a newly opened sales office of Vistula Terrace 2.0, some have already made formalities related to the purchase of their apartment, others have become familiar with the investment for now. Most agree that it is in vain to look for a better housing offer. Potential customers admit that real estate is always included, and Vistula Terraces 2.0 is the embodiment of the future in this industry.